Auburn Pride: A Second Chance!

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Second Chance!

A Second Chance:
What do you think?
Do you think everyone deserves a second chance? Of course this could be taken in many ways. My second chance came in College when I was given the chance to be who I am and not who others made me be. Do not misunderstand, I was never the girl who wanted to be like everyone else and fell into peer pressure. Ugh still to this day I can't stand trying to be like everybody else, why would I? In my opinion Im Great! I like me, I find myself super funny and very entertaining....

You see in high school I was homeschooled, (side note: Home schooling is awesome! and I turned out totally normal...)  Growing up I was shy and quiet, however I out grew that sophomore year in high school, yet no one would know that because everyone still treated me as the shy, quiet (homeschooled) girl. Oh but college was my chance, my big break! 

My friends today laugh at me when I say I was shy and quiet, or better yet... homeschooled. Their response is always "But you're so normal!" haha. But its great being myself and everyone letting me be just that! 

Enjoy your second chance today!


  1. Hey, Alex! I was raised homeschooled as well and it was/is pretty great! A lot of people are so suprised about this. I think it has actually helped with my confidence because I haven't had to fall into peer pressure and I was able to decide what I liked instead of what my peers liked. I am just finishing up my senior year and I wouldn't have it any other way. Btw, my blog is I don't know why it will only let me comment as "unknown"


  2. Okay, never mind... It letting me comment as myself!