Auburn Pride: 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Apothecary Bee!

Apothecary Bee:
I just received the cutest mug that i'm obsessed with!
Allie, the owner of the Apothecary Bee, walked me through all the steps of designing my mug, and helped me create the adorable mug seen above. I absolutely love Allies story behind her cute little shop.  After graduating from college she started a blog and through  that came "Apothecary Bee" her Etsy shop. The amount of time and detail she puts into each piece is not so common.  Allie says "it is my goal to provide handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, customized items to make your special day the prettiest thing in the world for just one moment." 
This mug is by far my favorite! I love sipping out of my Auburn Pride mug and feeling the pride come out of my perfect little mug.
Check out her adorable shop and create something to make your day special!
Find Apothecary Bee on Instagram and Facebook!

Hope you Enjoyed!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lets Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 6 of 8)

Let's Get Ready for Christmas!
Step 6:
Don't you just love those icy cold nights where you curl up next to the fire place and sip your... Hot Chocolate? Yes, Hot chocolate! I know your mouths are watering but just try to make it through the rest of this post! 
Whats so great about hot chocolate? Is it that fact that its something warm? That its chocolate? Or that you throw it in a cute mug and feel very important? 
Well no worries I will tell you what makes it so great... 
To be completely honest with you I have never liked hot chocolate a day in my life till this year!! And now I can't get enough of it! My friends took me to this amazing coffee shop in Auburn and I got some... It was amazing, because it was warm, chocolate, and in a cute mug!  I could just feel the Christmas Spirit flowing through me! So go get yourself a nice hot cup of chocolate today! you won't regret it, trust me! 

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! 4 of 6

Holiday Gift Guide!
Enricas Essentials:
This one is for all my fashionistas out there!
Here is the Lip Plumper of 2016! I got this amazing lip plumper from Enricas Essentials on Etsy.  When I found it and read about it I knew it was exactly what I wanted. 
Enrica says: " I started making beauty products for myself after learning about all the dangerous chemicals and toxins that are put in products found in most stores. I have always had a passion for creating things, whether they were bracelets or body butters. 
Etsy gives me the opportunity to share my passion with other people."
I love the way it made my lips look after I used it and is definitely something ill be gifting to others!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! (3 of 6)

Holiday Gift Guide!
Palmetto Engraving:

You know what I love about this company? The hearts behind it. Palmetto Engraving is owned by a husband and wife, Dennis and Nancy, who have such a passion for their job and customers.  They have been working as a team for other 15 years making gifts of all sorts for us. I found them through Etsy and fell in love immediately.  Especially when I saw the ornament hanging above, this is a saying I use all the time.  The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. 
The best part about Palmetto Engraving is that they make amazing gifts for people. Each ornament is done by laser, and they make custom orders as well as their huge selection of pre-made ornaments.
So give their shop a look at, and enjoy!

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! (2 of 6)

Holiday Gift Guide!
Custom Candle Co:
Check out these amazing candles from Custom Candle Co! If you've never tried one of their candles you're missing out.  Not to mention its the perfect gift for someone. 
Marcie the owner of Custom Candle Co. says " Custom Candle Co., located in Bedford Hills sells eco-friendly candles for the manly man as well as those who want to experience a bit of pampering." 
Now it is so true that men love this candle, my boyfriend could not get enough of them, "Can I have one?" he said. However do not be fooled, I absolutely love these candles as well and will be purchasing more in the future for presents and myself. 
They have tons of different scents to pick from and they burn very well. 

"This triple-layer Country Comfort candle contains the great scents. You will love the way they blend together. These candles have 60 hours of burn time."

You can also find Custom Candle Co. on Facebook and Instagram!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! (Step 1 of 6)

Good Dog Treat Box!
Holiday Gift Guide:
Hey guys its getting so close to Christmas so I wanna tell you about some amazing ideas to "treat" that special someone in your life...
Yes, I'm talking about your animal special someone.
I just surprised my precious Maggie with an early Christmas present. The Good Dog Treat Box has Maggie's tail going crazy. 
She has been loving her treats so much and if you know Maggie, you would know that she is actually very picky about what she eats.

So whats so special about these treats?
Well besides their adorable look, each treat is hand made and baked with love, Jessica the owner of The Good Dog Treat Box said " I choose the best ingredients I can get my hands on and I never sacrifice quality for price. " Which is so true! She made sure her own babies loved the treats before selling them to others.  

Maggie got so many treats in her box most of which are shown below. Not only did Maggie get excited but her cousin dog, Pippa, got excited also. Now they have their cookie treats to leave out for Santa! So this year when you're trying to decide that perfect gift for your baby, decide on The Good Dog Treat Box, and give your dog something special that they will get excited over!

You can also find Good Dog Treat Box on Facebook and Instagram!

More information on ingredients: "The treats in the Christmas box are primarily all natural peanut butter. I use whole wheat flour and all natural ingredients. I truly believe that just because some dogs will eat anything doesn't mean that they should. They deserve the best! I never sacrifice quality for price. Within the next week I will also list a wheat free box to accommodate my pupstomers with allergies."

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Lets Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 5 of 13)

Let's Get Ready for Christmas!
Step 5:
Christmas Parties!
Nothing says celebration like throwing a huge party!  Every year my entire family on my mothers side gets together for a Christmas party.  And every year we have a different theme, our themes have gone from pajama, tacky, tacky pajama, favorite christmas character!

Its always important to have food (good food) at parties and lots of fun games, but most of all its important to be surrounded by those you love! Enjoy the pictures below and leave a comment about your party traditions!



Pajama (Mexican Style) 

Tacky Pajama


Favorite Christmas Character 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lets's Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 4 of 13)

Let's Get Ready for Christmas!
Step 4 of 13:
"Deck the halls with boughs of holly"
Ohh you guys this tradition Im about to share with you is one that brings tears to my eyes!
Christmas Caroling!
Every year my church has a huge Christmas party just us college kids and our ministers.  Its a time we can celebrate with one another before going home for Christmas break.  After our party each year, we go to a nursing home and sing Christmas carols to all the wonderful and precious people there.  They don't really get to do much for Christmas, our singing to them is their main celebration, therefore it is really special to them which makes it very special to us. 
Every year getting to see the precious old ladies there dancing and clapping to our singing just makes me smile. So this year get a group of friends together and go give someone or many someones a special Christmas celebration they might not have otherwise.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2015

For Her!

For Her
As good ole Shania Twain says, "Man I feel like a woman".
Nothing makes you feel more like a woman than looking like a woman.  There is something said about that cute skirt or slight sparkle in your wardrobe, or like putting on your first high heel shoe and entering womanhood.  Not to mention all of the thousands of accessories to add that little touch of frilly.

Blush Fashion reaches out to women in all sorts of ways.  They have styles ready for every season and or occasion. Bundle up in this amazing sweater during the fall and winter.  Blush Fashion is excellent with getting in touch with the woman in you.  They have fashion styles for everyone. 

Get in touch with your famine side with Blush Fashion and feel like a woman. Blush Fashion is also being amazingly awesome and offering you a 10% discount using code ( LOVE10 ) 

You can find Blush Fashion here at...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let's Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 3 of 13)

Let's Get Ready for Christmas!
Step 3:
Ohhhh I am just so excited to tell you about this one!
Not just any cookies... but Betty Crocker Cookies!! You cannot have a Holly Jolly Christmas without whipping up some Christmas cookies from Publix! This is one my favorite traditions. My mother and I every year make TONS of Betty Crocker Christmas Cookies!
One thing Ive noticed over the years is my fashion while baking is never on point... This is the past two years...

Moving on... Christmas cookies are great because you can give them away! I've already given half of mine away to friends, people at church, and the garbage men for Christmas! They make the perfect gift to just say Thank you, plus their delicious! 

So I always make sugar cookies because they're my favorite. All the ingredients you need are flour, one egg, and a stick of butter. But don't forget to buy your icing and cookie cutters!

Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Make sure you flour the counter space real good so the dough doesn't stick to it.

Roll or push your dough out till its flat, then use your cookie cutters to cut out the shapes of the cookies. Put the shapes on a non stick cookie sheet and bake for 5-7 minutes at 375.

Before you begin icing them let the cookies cool down real good!

Do what I do and get your friends and family in on the decorating part, its so much fun and everyone has a great time!

Most importantly don't forget to buy your Ziploc containers to keep your cookies all fresh! After all your hard work Ziploc is more than happy to help out! So don't forget when your getting ready for Christmas to stop by Publix and get your Betty Crocker cookies and Ziploc containers.

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Merry Christmas!

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