Auburn Pride: Let's Get Comfortable!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let's Get Comfortable!

You know what?
You know what isn't comfortable? Sitting in a class all day long, then in the next class, and then the class after that.  Oh and if you work... sitting in that chair all day at the office.  You know what makes this even worse?... Yea I'm talking to you ladies! When you're on your period... dun dun DUN!.  Those chairs are already so uncomfortable, and no matter how you move or position yourself it doesn't get any better.  

Let's get Comfortable!
Okay don't worry ladies, I have a solution for you. When I think of comfort I think about soft, fluffy blankets and socks, curled up on the couch with food, lots and lots of food!! There is something about feeling comfortable that also makes you feel confident and beautiful to. So you're probably wondering why I'm blabbering on and on about comfort.  Well here you go,  U by Kotex has made my life in classes so much easier.  With these awesome pantie liners, I can sit however long in those uncomfortable chairs, and feel as though I'm sitting on my couch at home.  By being comfortable I can take on my day with more confidence knowing that U by Kotex has my back. 

Easy to find:

They were so easy to find at the grocery store!

So go on ladies, go feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful today with U by Kotex!


  1. Love it! Especially the AU! You're so cute and creative!

  2. The packets are cute! I had to look a couple times!

  3. Great to see a product packaged so cute for us women.

  4. The packaging of the individual liners are so cute. I love the little pattern you made with them lol

  5. I love favorite pad.

  6. Ha! I love your little display. They are pretty cute designs on the packages too.

  7. I've never been comfortable with liners, I think I'm too petite or something? But I can definitely see how they'd make those rock hard chairs more comfortable, especially when you're already miserable with your monthly visitor in town.

    1. haha aww I'm sorry but yes honestly I think just about anything could make those chairs more comfortable!

  8. I use liners quite a lot I feel like I'm getting old lol x

  9. Had to laugh at your design with Kotex. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Loved your post! I'd appreciate you checking mine out as well :)

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