Auburn Pride: One for the Ladies!

Friday, October 2, 2015

One for the Ladies!

One for the ladies:
Okay ladies I got one today that I know you're dying hear! And you're gonna thank me for it one day! This is a topic that a lot of ladies aren't comfortable with but were talking about it today!

Time to be comfortable:
Are you tired leaking every time you laugh, sneeze, or cough? I don't blame you! Its not fun and its not something you should have to put up with... EVER!!! SUI (Stress Urinary Continence) is not something we women should have to deal with! So lets put an end to it! How you might ask?

Poise Impressa sizing kit is your first stop solution to stopping those horrible leaks.  Poise Impressa has created a way for us to be able to laugh, sneeze, and cough to our hearts desire.  By purchasing their sizing kit I was able to find my right fit (size 2) and go on about my day in the most comfortable manner yet.  

There are three different sizes to try, and once you find your right size you can go on and enjoy your day as well.  The instructions are easy to read and we owe it all to Poise Impressa sizing kit!


  1. As we age, after we give birth, or simply being born a woman makes this an annoying problem! Thanks for sharing a simple way to prevent having to pack an adult diaper bag!

  2. Cynthia's comment is too funny....and true. After three kids, my bladder definitely isn't the same. Great to know about these new products.

  3. hahaha I am laughing at Cynthia's comment! That's just awesome! I already have two in diapers, I don't want to have to pack mine with them! Poise is great!

  4. Totally agree with Cynthia! Giving birth to 3 did me in but glad to know of options!

  5. Wow! I heard so much about possible bladder leaks with women, but I have never experienced this. Now from reading the comments, I see that this may be something that comes with having children. I guess I'll have to see when that time comes. Thank God for the growing options!

  6. This was super informative. I am very much prepared now for having kids(or at least my friends say so)

  7. I saw someone's periscope yesterday saying that they say this and went right out to get it! Must have for all the multi-kid momma's out there! Great find!