Auburn Pride: July 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Tips to Finals

Finals are here!
In fact I have already taken one.  Finals are.. well.. just plain ole scary! No one likes them, and they are very much dreaded by all college students.  Here are 5 tips to help you survive the 1-2 weeks of finals...
1.  Get away:  Get away from all distractions, friends, family, and technology.
2.  Be Organized: Keep each of your classes work organized and neat, this way it is easier to locate old tests, quizzes, and notes to study.
3.  SLEEP!:  Rest is so important, it really can affect the way you focus on a test.
4.  Study: Obviously, sometimes it can be beneficial to study with people, however for some it is better to be alone.
5.  Study Morning Of:  Wake up early and go over the materiel for the exam.  It refreshes your mind right before the test.
Good Luck:) 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

War Eagle Wednesday!

HeyHey it's Wednesday!
I'm going to take you downtown, to one of Auburns favorite historic places!
<Toomers Drugs>
It has been a tradition since 1896 and is located at toomers corner downtown Auburn.
The History behind the wonderful Toomers Drugs:
"When Toomer’s first started in 1896, it was a little beacon of a business on a mostly deserted street. The drugstore was founded by Sheldon Toomer, known as “Shel” by most. Shel was a halfback on Auburn’s 1st football team. He graduated from Auburn with both a degree in agriculture and pharmacy, and later went on to represent Lee County in the Alabama House of Representatives. The business began with a $500 loan, which allowed Shel to enter the drugstore business with his stepfather, Lazarus. He had no idea at the time how important his little drugstore would become to Auburn fans worldwide."

War Eagle Everyone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Make a Difference

Every day at college I hear people constantly saying how they want something different.  They are never content with what they have or they have out grown it.  This topic can easily go many ways, however I am keeping it more focused on life in general.  I fully believe that life is what you make of it.  I believe that you have the power to wake up and say, "I am going to be happy today" and then do it.  Think I sound crazy?
What I have realized through the things I hear said, is that today peoples focus is off the target.  They are to focused on what he said, she said, and not on what matters.  If you don't have a set goal laid out before you, then you most certainly will grow bored of the life you live.  I find myself getting caught up in the things that have no meaning all the time.  I also, however, have wonderful friends and family who help keep my head up and looking the right direction. Everyone has these days, but what is important, is making the difference to have something different.
Here are a few tips I use that seem to really help...
1. Journal - I find that writing things down, and being able to read over them later, helps you see situations from different angles.
2.  Getting involved - There are organizations, clubs, churches, teams, all over.  Find one and get plugged in. My church is makes a huge impact on me, and its where I met all of my college friends.
3.  Do something for someone else - It is amazing how great you feel after doing good for someone else.  It is like a overwhelming sensation that makes you want to do it again.
4.  Try something you normally wouldn't - Skydiving is on my list, but shhh don't tell my mom.  You can do something less dramatic, but make sure its something outside your comfort zone.
5.  Surround yourself with different people - Make new friends, that doesn't mean you have to lose the ones you already have.  By meeting new people you get to experience new things with them.
6.  NO TECHNOLOGY - Ha yea this one is tough, especially for bloggers;)  However it seriously can change your life. Just go a day, or a set amount of time, without any technology.  Get a friend to do it with you, and just see what a difference it makes.
7.  Cook a meal for someone - Make a meal and take it to someone in need,  like college students... we love free food;)  Or a elderly couple, or even a couple who just had a baby.
8.  No negativity - Go a solid 24 hours without thinking anything negative.  Yes its impossible, but try, you will be amazed at how well your day goes.
9.  Volunteer - Volunteer at soup kitchen or at a food pantry, and help the poor.  Nothing makes you feel more blessed and thankful than to see what you have compared to what others need.
10.  Lastly (and my favorite) Pray! - Prayer is powerful, but only if you believe it is.  Pray believing and then sit back and watch the difference God makes in your life.  It will be like nothing you've ever seen!
Be Different! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Yummy Dumplings!

Do you love chicken n' Dumplings?  Well it doesn't matter cause you'll love mine!!
Here are the Ingredients...
1. Chicken Broth
2. Two cans cream of chicken
3.  One can of cream of mushroom
4.  One can of chicken
5. One package of flour tortillas
6.  Four tablespoons of butter  

First put the chicken in the pot and pour chicken broth till chicken is completely covered.

Once that comes to a boil add your cream of chicken and cream of mushroom.

Cut up the flour tortilla into bite size pieces.

Once the pot comes to a boil again add the flour tortillas.

Lastly add your butter and a little bit of pepper. Let it sit for five minutes to absorb all the flavor, and you're ready to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday to the Fourth of July!
I had such a wonderful time celebrating the Fourth of July with my family I just had to share it with you.  This is me with my grandfather at a parade we went to the morning of the Fourth. 

The parade was full of #Merica spirit, and lots of creative ideas.  It was so wonderful seeing a small community coming together to remember our independence and those who fought for it in 1776.

My darling baby girl even wanted to show some spirit. 

Our pool was filled with family and love, we had so much fun playing games, and swimming.  We had snacks and homemade ice-cream, and just enjoyed our day out by the pool.

We got together later at my grandmas house, here we broke out the sparklers and fireworks. Not to mention a huge meal, and some card games afterwards.  There are two things my family absolutely loves, food and games, so this was a perfect day for us.


Just a couple pictures with my cousins and sister, and the perfect day came to a close.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

War Eagle Wednesday!

War Eagle...It's Wednesday!!

For my War Eagle Wednesday I have gone around and asked my friends what their favorite part of Auburn is...
Here are the responses I got...

First I went to my friend Brianna and asked her what her favorite part of Auburn was. She responded "Football and tailgating" Of course we are proud of our football here in Auburn, and fall is by far our favorite season here.  Like I mentioned in my last War Eagle post there is something magical about the Stadium when the band is getting fired up and the crowd is raising their voices.  You can not help but get chill bumps.

My friend Stephanie said "That there are so many great parks and beautiful landscaping.  Specifically Kiesel Park, you can't beat it."  It is so true, my friends and I spend so much time at the parks. We go on walks/runs and sometimes hang our Enos and just enjoy the beautiful day God put before us. 

My Friend Lane said "The Auburn Family, and how you can instantly have a bond with anyone else who you meet that goes/went to Auburn."  It is true that you can walk down the street and just yell "War Eagle" to anyone and start off a conversation with someone you don't even know.

My friend Ryan said "I really love the way Auburn (not just the University, but the city too) mixes old with new.  Places like Toomers Corner, Samford Hall, and Jordan Hare fit seamlessly alongside the Shelby Center (newish Engineering buildings), the fairly new expansion of downtown Auburn (just with all of  the restaurants and shops, those weren't there until a few years ago), and Tiger Town.  I just think Auburn does a good job of maintaining tradition and familiarity while at the same time is able to keep up with the times and not get stuck in the past." ... I don't think I have to add on to this one!

My friend Jamie said "Chewacla State Park"  Jamie and I go hiking at Chewacla quite often.  This park has hiking trails, biking trails, waterfalls, and a huge pond. It is a great place to go when you want adventure and a good time with friends.

My friend Jessi said "My favorite part is the oak trees and being able to hammock on Samford Lawn."  If there's one thing to know about Auburn it's that we love traditions! And our Oak trees is one of our biggest traditions we have.

My friend Sydney said probably my favorite response "Ummm All of it!" 

Lastly I asked my life long friend Joy, and she said "I belong.  It's a place where everyone no matter what race, socioeconomic background, IQ level, can find common ground.  We all love this small town and because of that we are connected.  I gave a friend of mine some auburn shirts and she is stationed in Texas, and people there not only on base would say 'War Eagle'.  There's something about knowing you have family everywhere you go!"

As you can see, Auburn is not just a town, or a college, or a team, but so much more than that.  We are ONE, and we BELONG!

War Eagle!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Try it on Tuesday!

Try it on Tuesday is all about taking the risk you normally would not take.  You can take it as far as skydiving to something as simple as fashion.  My fear is flower patterns! I can not ever find one that I like or one that I think will look good on me.  However one day last week I took my own advice and tried it on... now I have already worn it three times since last week... don't worry I washed it.

Add a couple of accessories and your off, I wore it to school and owned it! So don't be afraid to take the risk and try on something you normally wouldn't.

Take the risk!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Birthday!

Monday Birthday? Say wha?
So we're doing things a little different today... Instead of my typical Monday Funday (Having fun by dressing fun) Today we're having fun by celebrating!!
Celebrating what? you may ask..
Here in apt 101 we know how to throw a good party! Take some of my tips to throw a good one!
This was for my roommates birthday that took place over the weekend, It was her big 20th!
I decided to do a few special little things for her throughout the week, to make this birthday as special as possible!
First off I have amazing friends who pitch in at 2 in the morning to blow up balloons!

First thing I did was make some fun posters and hang them on her door or on her bedroom walls.

Before we blew up the balloons we put little chocolate kisses in them (which is her favorite candy).  I numbered the 20 balloons and put the #20 in poos lap:) 

I sprinkled the rest of the kisses on her bed between the balloons.

I also hung the banner above her bed that I found at Target

The gang got together and went out to dinner, after dinner we went and got pop cycles for her birthday.

Check out this adorable dry erase canvas board!! I had no idea that they made these! It is so neat and she loved it, along with her new water bottle.

Another day I covered her walls with sweet little notes written on post it notes.

For her last little gift I gave her some crayons that have glitter in them :D.  She loves to color and I thought she would enjoy this little thing. 
Happy Birthday Sydney!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Try it on Tuesday!

There is nothing like that simple dress that makes you feel like a baby doll!
Try it on Tuesday is all about taking that risk to try on something you normally would not. 
This dress was not something I would normally pick out, but I told myself to just try it on!
Next thing I know, I am a couple dollars short...
I would have never known how much I loved this dress if I had not tried it on first!

Floppy hats ARE IN!!! I just got this beautiful one the other day.  I love how easy it is to shape and how simple it is to match with anything!

Take the risk and TRY IT ON!!!