Auburn Pride: 10 Ways To Relax!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

10 Ways To Relax!

Warning: In order to do this you must set time aside from your day.

Today is all about finding time to relax during your crazy week.  I feel as though this is not a topic I need to explain.. with that being said, let's relax!

1.  Exercise:  Go on a walk and clear your mind. Getting outside helps calm down the body and relax the mind.

2.  Yoga:  Sign up for a yoga class once a week, and find your inner peace.

3.  Couch Time:  This is a time strictly for doing nothing! No work, homework, or anything, literally just sit on your couch in your most comfortable PJ's and watch TV.

4.  Spa Day:  Treat yourself to a day at the spa, or you could even do your own spa day at home.  Do a facial, nails, bath, etc.

5.  Puzzles:  A lot of people, myself included, loves doing puzzles and find it quite relaxing.  So find a puzzle of some sort and get going.

6.  Dance:  Join a dance class, zumba is my mother and sisters favorite.

7.  Lay Down:  Lay down on your bed for 20 minutes, or my favorite, lay on the ground for 20 minutes with your legs up on the couch.

8.  Socialize:  Go do something fun with your friends and have a good time.

9.  Eat:  Eat food, lots and lots of food! < This is my favorite:)

10.  Journal:  Write down your highs from the days, and focus on the positives!

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  1. Awesome suggestions Alex! I do believe in "ME" time, so I definitely do all of these!!! Thanks for sharing...