Auburn Pride: What Makes Fall Wonderful!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Makes Fall Wonderful!

Let's talk about fall y'all:
Oh my goodness its my favorite time of year, FALL!! Fall is so wonderful for many reasons, and I'll give you my favorite reasons... The smells:  Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc.
The colors:  Burnt orange, dark red and green, and even browns.
The weather:  Not too hot, not too cold.
The clothes:  Over sized sweaters, and boots lots and lots of boots.
The accessories:  Hats, gloves, and... SCARVES!!!

Let's talk scarves:
Scarves are that final magical touch to an outfit.  Scarves have healing powers, they can warm you, they can cover you as a blanket, and they are a constant snuggle.  This scarf I am wearing is one of my favorites, It is perfect for Auburn Football games.  Especially those super cold football games, this scarf keeps me nice and warm. 

Let's talk about where to get it:
I got this fabulous scarf from ARObsessions, you can find them on Instagram as @arobsessions.  They have such amazing and cute items. I absolutely love their company and their fast shipping. 



  1. I'm also sooo excited about fall and getting to wear boots! Love the scarf, looks perfect for those coolers nights.

  2. I love how that scarf can pretty much double as a blanket! :P It's super cute (+ matches your blog)!

  3. gorgeous outfit! I'm so excited about fall - hopefully it gets cold here soon in Cali!

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