Auburn Pride: Growing Up!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Growing Up!

Oh goodness, life is starting to hit me.
Over the summer I moved home to work as a nanny to save up some money because I am moving into a new apartment for college in the fall. 
Heading back to my beautiful town of Auburn, I have a lot of responsibilities that I'm not used to having. First off, I got me a big girl job, I'm so excited to start working at the Loft. I'm bringing my precious baby girl (@Maggietheshihtzu) back to college with me after not having her for two years. I got accepted into my major so Ill be back in my studios working till sun up on projects. And trying to balance life. 
A lot of change between a new place, job, classes, etc... But Im super excited about it and can't wait.

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  1. Big changes mean big growth. You are going to have an amazing year! And you are right on....the key is BALANCE!!