Auburn Pride: Seeing Things Through Clear Eyes!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Seeing Things Through Clear Eyes!

I think its safe to say that people are blind, we can be blind in so many ways. Today it is almost like people prefer to be blind than to see things as they truly are. Our blindness is used in almost every aspect of our lives, its in our work, marriages, relationships, family, school, religion, economy, and world.  The reason we prefer to be blind is because it seems life would be much easier if we ignore all of the problems happening right in front of us. I know I am like this but lately my eyes have been open to things I never thought I'd see.  

I think its important for everyone to start seeing the truth, if we do this we really can grow in our relationships, work, etc... It may not be fun or easy, but its worth the work if at the end of the day we are seeing things truly as they are. 

Being blind can not only hurt you but hurt others as well. So put on those glasses or pop in those contacts and start seeing things through clear eyes!


  1. A lot of times we want to remain blind because the reality of life upsets us. But you are right we need to see things for what they really are at some point.

  2. Exactly the same i think. We see what we want to see just but for other things we are blind. We must look on all the aspects of a point always.