Auburn Pride: War Eagle Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

War Eagle Wednesday!

Welcome to Auburn!
And War Eagle!
There is nothing greater than that feeling you get when the music is blaring and the fans are cheering and a huge WARRRRRRRRR EAGLE HEY! Is yelled across the stadium!
Your blood is rushing and heart pounding as your Auburn Tigers have 1 second left...
But you know I am all about being real, we win some and we lose some, and sometimes we lose a lot.
However there is nothing that could destroy my Auburn Pride.

Even the sunsets in Auburn are always Orange and Blue.  My beautiful town of Auburn makes you feel proud, and bold.  We're all ready to greet one another with a big War Eagle.  But at games there is no such thing as a stranger. One touch down equals a hug with every single person around you, rather if you know them or not. 

We always support our Auburn Tigers by wearing our Orange and Blue! And after a game won...

The beautiful tradition of The Rolling of Toomer's Corner! A proud tradition of ours that even poisoned Oaks could not slow us down! Mainly because its not just the Oaks that get rolled but EVERYTHING in Auburn.  You can drive through a neighborhood and see where people have rolled their own trees in their yard to express their Auburn Pride.  You may not be an Auburn fan but you can understand the love of a community and the spirit that burns within us for whatever team we pull for. For me that team is Auburn, it is great to be an Auburn Tiger, and there is one thing you can never take away from me... and that is... my
Auburn Pride!


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  3. War Eagle!! One of my favorite little cities in the USA!

  4. I love that community spirit we all feel for our teams, it certainly sounds like Auburn has got a great fan base :)

  5. My mama went to Auburn so I definitely get this! Love the spirit... Instant comradery!

  6. I love the way college football can bring people together and I think it's great a touch downs equals hugs!

    1. It is a great place to be with people

  7. Yes FOOTBALL! But Sorry I've got to say ROLL TIDE ;)

  8. Reminds me of Halloween time as a kid :-)

  9. I love the spirit but the thought of cleaning up gives me anxiety. Haha!

  10. Can I just say, the one regret I have is that we're NOT a football family. My husband is not into professional sports, and although I grew up watching a variety of sports on TV, football was not one of them. I kind of envy the fun that football fan families have in celebrating and supporting their team!

  11. I can't wait for football season. Love the team spirit!