Auburn Pride: A Christmas Carol!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Christmas Carol!

A Christmas Carol:
Last night I went with my grandparents and parents to see the play "A Christmas Carol".  We love the Holiday Season and when I'm home we immediately get started decorating and enjoying the festivities.

They had everything decorated so pretty inside.  The play was at (ASF) Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  ASF always puts on the best  plays that are good for both adults and children!

 They had this adorable lady with her stand selling homemade popcorn of all different flavors. 

They had this station set up for the kiddos to write letters to Santa. Overall it was an amazing night and the play was so enjoyable. The time spent with my grandparents was very nice to, I don't see them very often so when I do it is so nice!

Merry Christmas!

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