Auburn Pride: Tips To Having An Amazing Game Experience Win or Lose!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tips To Having An Amazing Game Experience Win or Lose!

Tips to Having an Amazing Game Experience:
If you're like my friends and I then you really get into football! Between the tailgating, tiger walk, that first step into the stadium, seeing the football players run out, and when you score a touchdown... don't even get me started!

Tailgating is one of our favorite parts to the football season. Its when all of your family can come around spend time with one another around the grill and TV cheering on your favorite team!

Tiger walk is when all of the dancers, cheerleaders, coaches, players, and my favorite Aubie, walk into the stadium.  The band plays loud and cheerleaders cheer, as you get to shake everybody's hand.

The magical stadium.  This is where dreams come true!  You can't walk into this place without getting chill bumps on your arms.  What makes it so wonderful is that win or lose we are a family! We don't lose our hope, we don't lose our love, and we don't lose our Auburn Pride! 

            So win                                                           or lose

We are Fast!
We are Physical! 
We are Auburn! 

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