Auburn Pride: Lets Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 5 of 13)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Lets Get Ready for Christmas! (Step 5 of 13)

Let's Get Ready for Christmas!
Step 5:
Christmas Parties!
Nothing says celebration like throwing a huge party!  Every year my entire family on my mothers side gets together for a Christmas party.  And every year we have a different theme, our themes have gone from pajama, tacky, tacky pajama, favorite christmas character!

Its always important to have food (good food) at parties and lots of fun games, but most of all its important to be surrounded by those you love! Enjoy the pictures below and leave a comment about your party traditions!



Pajama (Mexican Style) 

Tacky Pajama


Favorite Christmas Character 


  1. I absolutely loooooove our annual Christmas parties. It is not the same as it was when I was younger - a lot of family members moved away and my siblings and cousins all grew up and we don't do our performances anymore. It looks like you have a really great and fun family.

  2. so awesome that your family is carrying out such a fun family tradition, its always the awesome silly memories that make us smile for a life time.