Auburn Pride: Holiday Gift Guide! 4 of 6

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! 4 of 6

Holiday Gift Guide!
Enricas Essentials:
This one is for all my fashionistas out there!
Here is the Lip Plumper of 2016! I got this amazing lip plumper from Enricas Essentials on Etsy.  When I found it and read about it I knew it was exactly what I wanted. 
Enrica says: " I started making beauty products for myself after learning about all the dangerous chemicals and toxins that are put in products found in most stores. I have always had a passion for creating things, whether they were bracelets or body butters. 
Etsy gives me the opportunity to share my passion with other people."
I love the way it made my lips look after I used it and is definitely something ill be gifting to others!

Merry Christmas!

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