Auburn Pride: Holiday Gift Guide! (2 of 6)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide! (2 of 6)

Holiday Gift Guide!
Custom Candle Co:
Check out these amazing candles from Custom Candle Co! If you've never tried one of their candles you're missing out.  Not to mention its the perfect gift for someone. 
Marcie the owner of Custom Candle Co. says " Custom Candle Co., located in Bedford Hills sells eco-friendly candles for the manly man as well as those who want to experience a bit of pampering." 
Now it is so true that men love this candle, my boyfriend could not get enough of them, "Can I have one?" he said. However do not be fooled, I absolutely love these candles as well and will be purchasing more in the future for presents and myself. 
They have tons of different scents to pick from and they burn very well. 

"This triple-layer Country Comfort candle contains the great scents. You will love the way they blend together. These candles have 60 hours of burn time."

You can also find Custom Candle Co. on Facebook and Instagram!

Merry Christmas!

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