Auburn Pride: Getting Back in The School Flow!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting Back in The School Flow!

Getting Back in The School Flow

Ugh its that time again...
Christmas and the New Year is over and Spring Semester of school is starting back. So how do we go from vacation mode to school mode..

This past week I've been in denial that school is starting back, I just haven't felt ready.  With having a lot on my mind and dreading my classes this semester, Ive just been wishing it wasn't time to start back yet.  However I have no control over that.

This tends to happen to me every semester, and here is how I get myself ready.  I first begin by planning out each day. I plan my meals and if I have lunch or dinner with any friends, I plan my classes and time to study, I plan trips to the grocery store and I plan time with friends on the weekends. 

Having everything I do written out helps me feel more prepared and on top of things throughout the semester, and before I know it I find that I'm in school mode without even feeling the transition.  Whats funny is I use the same method with blogging a lot...

Have a good day!

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