Auburn Pride: Quick Guide to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Quick Guide to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions!

Quick Guide to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions:
Whats your New Years Resolutions? 
Its that time again... That time when we make ourselves promises at the beginning of the New Year and break them one month in.  Goals such as to lose weight, read the entire bible, do better in school, make more money, eat better, live better, be kinder, do more charity... etc. Our lists grow longer with each new year, and the most I've ever been able to check off that list is maybe one thing.

So here's a few strategies you should try that have seemed to help me in the past.
Make resolutions with people, that way you have other people holding you accountable. Set check in dates throughout the year to check in with yourself and see how your progressing and where you need to try harder.  Don't set so many goals for yourself, just one or two. Lastly try to make each goal and each step fun for yourself, otherwise you're miserable and ready to quit. 

Good Luck!
Happy New Years!


  1. Oh, these are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm definitely guilty of always setting too many. I have a notebook full of "goals" that I need to narrow down and set dates for like you mentioned. I think another tip I'm going to try is to have the list very visible!

  3. These are good. I am a firm believer in accountability partners. It definitely helps you achieve your goals.

  4. Very true! I need to work on challenging, but obtainable goals, with progress milestones.