Auburn Pride: 3 Ways to Feel Powerful!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

3 Ways to Feel Powerful!

Three Ways to Feel Powerful:

Lets be real, real quick... Life is full of reasons for us to feel powerless. Rather it be in the work field, school, family, friends, etc.  Feeling powerless surrounds us each and every day, and is constantly trying to find more ways to make us feel defeated. One way I have seen the attack on people in life has been from words.  Think about it... Most of the time when you find yourself feeling powerless its because of something that someone has said to you. There are different forms of this, there are the forms of it coming from a boss or professor saying you have one hour to do the impossible... in that case GOOD LUCK! in other cases it comes from people who just do it to be mean.
So here we go...
#1. The sooner you realize only you have control of yourself, and your life, the better. This makes it harder for people to steal your joy, and hurt your feelings. 
#2. Most likely the person who is trying to make you feel powerless is in fact the one that IS powerless, their words, therefore, are empty and hold no power at all. A great example to compare this to is your average bully, most likely the reason they bully is because they themselves are bullied.
#3.  Pray for those people, love those people, and don't give up on those people. They know not what they do.
Just by realizing these things can truly help you feel more Powerful, more in control, and overall more happy.

Be Powerful!

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  1. This is great post. Nice to know that there people out there to help bring up other people rather than tearing them down.