Auburn Pride: Why I Have the Best Major!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why I Have the Best Major!

Why I Have the Best Major:
Here are just a couple reasons why  I have the best major!
All of my life I have grown up with a mother and grandmother who did a lot of decorating and party planning and I knew exactly what I wanted to be.

An Interior Decorator.
One of my favorite parts about my major is that my "school" (human sciences) is full of amazing teachers who care about the students succeeding.  They are all kind and take time to help each student fully understand and complete their work.
Here are a few more reasons...
You get to create random Egyptian art!

You get to tour construction sites and wear hardhats!

You work in a studio with all of the other design students.

More random Egyptian art but in COLOR!

If you're lucky like me, you have people who will to you.

You have fun with your teachers assistants...

You take tours of buildings to admire their beauty!

Your teacher brings you cookies that his wife made in her bakery.

Oh Yeah!
And you build lamps out of cardboard...
that actually work...

So there you have it. Sometimes its stressful, actually all of the time. And the work isn't easy, but I have a passion for it. Which makes it all worth it to me! 

Have a good day!

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  1. That is an AWESOME card board Lamp!! I enjoyed reading your review! :)