Auburn Pride: How to Take Care of Yourself when Sick!

Monday, February 15, 2016

How to Take Care of Yourself when Sick!

How to Take Care of Yourself When Sick:
No one likes being sick, you never hear someone say "Ohh Yay I'm sick!" Its horrible and miserable and all you want is your mommy to come and comfort you through it.  But let's get real you can't always have your mom there to help, especially after high school.  At some point in your life you will find yourself by yourself while being sick.

So Lets Take Care of Ourselves:
Here are a few helpful tips I have found that really help when taking care of yourself. 
1.  First off Prioritize what is essential to get done.  I know that when I'm sick sometimes its impossible to do everything I want to do. Therefore I have to pick what is most important between hanging out with friends or getting my class project done. 

2.  Second let your body rest! Rest is the most important thing that your body needs to get better.  So make sure you find time to take naps during the day.

3.  Take nice hot showers/baths. This can help relax the body and kill possible germs.  It can also loosen up mucus. 

4.  Make sure you are staying hydrated, drink lots of water and juices.  Try to find sugar free juice because you want to stay away from sugary things.

5.  Feed a cold starve a fever, we have all heard it and need to obey it.  Soup is my favorite thing to eat when sick and its so easy to make. You can do one of two things, you can either buy the can and easily pop it in the microwave for a minute then done. Or you can get fancy and make your own in a crock pot. 

6.  Obviously take your meds.  These can be found at your nearest Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreens. 

7.  Lay in bed and watch every movie you own,  or my favorite... Netflix. Have your box of tissues next to you and just take it easy.

8.  If your illness is worse than the common cold see a doctor and seek further instruction. 

Hope you feel better!

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  1. I love your tips for feeling better esp let others take care of you in your time of need (getting over your pride/shame and letting other help/bless you!) I drink more herbal tea and good soup when I am feeling under the weather!