Auburn Pride: Lets Light Up The Night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lets Light Up The Night!

Lets Light Up The Night:

Let's start decorating.
Being in college its so important to have a room that reflects your personality.  Your personality can be reflected through the small detail of a room.  It can be something as simple as a color, a decoration, or a light. This one thing can make your personality shine all throughout your room, dorm, or house. I am always encouraging others to let their personality shine wherever they are.  

So lets talk.
Does your home or room reflect you? Does it not? Do you want it to? Well lets do this. Get up right now and walk around and find one thing that reflects you. Go on. Did you find something? Now ask yourself: How do you use this item in your home to make your personality shine? 

I want to challenge you to really put some thought into this, this week try and find that one item. It can be anything.

Heres mine:

These lights are me.
I love to shine, and be a light. 
I always try to make other peoples day brighter
They're famine, cute, and fun to decorate with. 
At night when Im watching a movie I love to turn them on.

These lights reflect me in many ways, they make me smile each time they are turned on. I got these lights from an amazing Esty Shop called UPGrade1 They have so many adorable unique lights I'm obsessed with! 

Find Your Light!

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  1. Oh, I love your light up post...I am currently cleaning my humble bedroom but I am ready for Spring decor and no more winter!