Auburn Pride: Fathers Day

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fathers Day

No man comes close to being as important to me as what my father is.  My father is the one that I begged to stay up with at night so we could eat our ice cream in our matching bowls together.  He is the one I can always count on to make me smile or give me a good laugh.  My poor father has sat through countless dance recitals between my sister and I. But is always up for watching a movie with me no matter when it is.  My father is one of the hardest working men I know, he has sacrificed so much for our family I cannot even begin to explain.  If my dad has taught me anything it is to work hard and never give up.  His love for our family and most importantly our Lord and Father is so overwhelming.  I look up to my father in so many ways and hope one day to find a man just like him!  
One of favorite memories of my dad and myself is at my graduation.  Just like he had taught me to never give up, graduating was an accomplishment I could not have had without his love and encouragement throughout the years.  This picture was taken shortly after graduation and it shows our excitement of this achievement.

This is my other most favorite memory of my father and I, this was taken at my senior prom during the father daughter dance.  As you can see we choreographed our own dance and showed off our moves to all of my friends.  He made it a night I would never forget!
Thank you dad, for just being you!

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