Auburn Pride: What to do in Auburn?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What to do in Auburn?

"What do you wanna do?" "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" "I don't know"
This happens everywhere, to everyone! My everyday life consisted of this... till one day I thought id get creative!

This list is specially  created for Auburn but could work really anywhere.
If you're just trying to find something to do with two or three people here are a couple ideas...
  • Go to a park! here in auburn there are many parks like Kiesel, Town Creek, and Chewacla State Park. Go for a walk or run, or if at Chewacla I suggest hike! Take a blanket and hammock and some snacks, and you could have a picnic.
  • Go swimming at your apartment pool, (Don't have one?) call a friend. Chewacla also has great swimming spots up on the pond or down by the waterfall.
  • Shopping!! There are great places all around Auburn to shop.  The closest to Auburn would be Toomer's Corner and downtown Auburn. There is also the indoor mall on Opelika Rd.  TigerTown is probably one of my favorites to go to, it has great restaurants and stores. Lastly if you like the small town feel, go shopping downtown Opelika, they have adorable downtown stores to shop in.
If you're looking for a group of people and trying to find something to do, here are some options...
  • Pot-luck dinner! Save money and have everyone pitch in.  Pick a friends house or apartment and everyone brings a dish. You get a lot of food and for cheap to!
  • Host a movie night, tell each person to bring their favorite candy to share, and you provide the drinks. Throw all the  movie options in the middle and shuffle them, then with your eyes closed pick one.
  • There are always concerts going on in Auburn get online and search! Mostly they're in coffee shops or at one of the parks.
  • Host a game night, everyone brings a game and snacks. (Cards, Dominoes, Board Games, Etc..)
  • If you  or someone you know has a fire-pit have a smores night! Sing songs bring a guitar and just have fun.
  • Go downtown Auburn for some fun dancing with friends.
  • Swing dancing classes are free and held most Friday nights. Go check them out with your friends and have a swingin' of a time.
  • Water balloons was so last year... Fill them up with paint, wear white shirts and have a paint party. (Suggested in a field of some sort)
These last couple are more for girls...
  • Host a spa day. Give each other medis and pedis, and facials galore.  Also try out some new hair styles.
  • Pinterest Party!! You know all those crafts you never do?? have a day with the girls and finally do them.
  • Have a baking day. Bake new things and swap out recipes.
I hope I gave you some fun ideas of things to do here in Auburn!

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