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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

What to get Dad?
With Fathers Day just around the corner I know everyone is looking for ideas on what to get the old man.  I know I have been racking my brain on trying to think of some things to get him.  It's tough because we know our fathers mean so much to us and have done so much for us throughout our lives that it is nearly impossible to repay them on this one day set a side each year. 

But... Lets try!

What is the perfect Fathers Day Gift?
First look at your father, what are his interests? Hobbies? Favorite things to do?

Here are five I picked...

~ My father loves to golf, so what better gift than a indoor putting green?  My father works from home so it would be perfect to put in his office.

~ If your father is a business man you could him a neck tie! Something appropriate for his job.

~ Everywhere my father goes he takes his cup of coffee with him on the go.  So naturally he goes through coffee cups very fast and is always in need of a new one.

~ My father grills any chance he gets and is always trying new seasonings and spices on meals.  Grilling tools and equipment are a must when grilling.

~ One year my sister got my father some Masters tickets since he loves golf so much... I still haven't topped that one.

A few other ideas...

~ Make your father something special like a picture collage or shirt.
~ His favorite movie or go see a movie together
~ Outdoor equipment for camping or hiking
~ Tools, every dad/man needs tools

Hope you found some ideas!

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