Auburn Pride: Monday Funday!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Funday!

Is it Monday already?
Then that means it's MONDAY FUNDAY!
Monday Funday
You guys know I am all about owning your Monday and turning it into a Funday!
Fist step of doing this is looking the part.  You can do that by rocking an outfit similar to the one above! Find those skinny jeans that make you say YEAH! Pair it with a cute top and some accessories and make your friends say oooh!

Monday Funday by Alex featuring white jeggings

Button down top

Pieces white jegging
$55 -

Maurices strap sandals

Vinca yellow gold jewelry

Band hat
$87 -
Happy Monday Funday Yall!


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Love the cute top and hat ... very summer-y!

  3. Love the outfit. Not sure I'm brave enough for white jeggings, but I love the hat and pineapples.

  4. I love all things pineapple! I would totally wear this outfit!

  5. I don't do skinny jeans but the rest is pretty cute!

  6. I love white jeans with a denim shirt! Great look! You'd probably like the "Wear it Mama" series on my blog.

  7. Great look! I keep almost buying some white skinnies, but then I remember I have small children and get depressed at how dirty they would be immediately. Someday... :)