Auburn Pride: Monday Funday

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Funday

Every girl grows up dreaming about becoming (insert dream here).  I dreamed about becoming a singer, princess, dancer, etc. Little did I know all that would come true. 

Life is all about finding yourself and becoming your dreams, and I believe it can happen for anyone. You maybe wondering by now, how exactly did this girl become a singer, princess, and dancer etc.  Well here's how...
  • Every Sunday and Tuesday I get to sing praise to my Lord and Father, who could ask for a better audience?  If not for him I sing to my poor friends in the car as we drive from place to place.
  • I am a princess because my father is a king, I know you've all heard that one, but it is actually true.
  • And I am a dancer because my friends and family push me to express myself everyday.  My friends and I enjoy going swing dancing and just goofing off in our homes.
You see its not that hard to have your dreams come true, just surround yourself with people who encourage you to strive for what you desire.