Auburn Pride: Those Nails that make you go OHHHHH!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Those Nails that make you go OHHHHH!!!!

I am obsessed with these nails! I got the idea from a fellow blogger.
When I hers I had to them!
And now I have to share them!

Step 1. Put a clear coat on, and cover each nail completely.

Step 2.  Paint half your nails with which ever colors of your choice.
When painting do it in a downward slope.

Step 3.  Pick a glitter of your taste and put it between the two colors
to really make it pop!

When done you get to enjoy all your friends saying "OHHH I love your nails!"


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  1. Wow what a fabulous job. I am always amazed on how beautiful people can do their own nails, instead of going to a shop. Amazing color!